"Hi, I am Pavitra. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and its related content pages as much as I enjoy providing you with the information in it. If you have any questions on decorating and other interior design topics, please drop me an email, I would love to hear from you."

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"It was one of life's most wonderful coincidences when I heard about Pavitra through a relative of mine. I thought furnishing an entire new house would be chaotic and a headache to execute, but working with Pavitra made it not only easy as a breeze but exciting as well. Not many designers would take a client's personal taste into consideration when planning a space, luckily I ended up with someone who does. I've met many interior designers but Pavitra's name always comes first to mind when friends or family ask me for a recommendation."

- Maryam


A personal note of Thanks........

It's already a month since Funk Factory was launched! I would like to thank all those who have liked my Blog and my work, for all the appreciation I have received through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, it has been tremendous! What excites me the most is connecting with Artists, Designers, Bloggers and Like-Minded individuals from all over the World. My Aspiration for Funk Factory has always been to experience the world’s cultures, traditions and more importantly the people, to then create designs and products that are supportive of the world we live in today. Our world is changing and we need to think about how sustainable our designs are for the current environment. My hope is for the Earth to be as it once was, before we started tainting it, so along with the gift of life to our children we can pass on this beautiful earth, for them to flourish in. I am elated to see your designs, ideas and inspirations while I share my own with you through my blog. 

On a personal note I want to share with you my greatest inspiration, my daughter Ishana!


Ishana as per our Hindu scriptures means "The Invisible power that governs this Universe” I believe this power lies in each of us and together we make this universe. She has taught me the true meaning of being “ALIVE”

I feel like a child on a merry-go-round, experiencing Life in a whole new Light. Growing up in a rather close-minded atmosphere, expecting to conform to rules of relations and society, I felt caged in a place I called home. Here is when I developed a fanciful imagination, that combined with my Mother’s belief in me compelled me to believe in my dreams and myself.  Who knew an imagination that grew to rescue me in my childhood would become my best ally in the design world. Who knew I would learn to live and be what I was meant to be from a 2 year old! Children emulate their parents, so as a role model I will run, chase, leap and grab hold of my dreams. Grab what is meant to be mine!

I am growing my wings now, at 31, and will be taking flight soon! I hope you will join me in this experience, as each one of you now, is part of shaping my world. And though I will remain a small fragment in this world of talent I will nevertheless be an important ONE…….. Global Love Coming your way ……..so till then STAY FUNKY!




It's Smokin' Hot .....It's Smokin' Grey!!!

Hotter than the Dubai weather, is my current favorite color SMOKE GREY!

Grey is an achromatic or neutral color, which has a silent and receptive quality to it. There is an industrial aspect to this color and was often associated only with commercial spaces, but because of its inherent neutrality it forms the perfect canvas to showcase vibrant colors. So next time your choosing a color don’t snub the grey! I recommend using it for walls and backdrops!

Here is my color palette, alongside SMOKE GREY I have chosen mandarin orange, neon yellow, fuchsia pink and blue-violet.



Perfect for a children’s bedroom!

**Disclaimer - Pictures was taken from Pinterest a while ago and i cannot seem to locate the source.


Great for grown up’s. Take a look at this structure in concrete grey and the deep blue sky…. Isn’t it perfect!

*Picture taken from http://www.homedsgn.com/2012/07/05/siriki-house-by-munoz-arquitectos/ 


**Disclaimer - Pictures was taken from Pinterest a while ago and i cannot seem to locate the source.

Grey is available in several tones, in a recent project I used a bluish grey, 2 tones of the same color was used. The darker color went on smaller areas like the passageways and the lighter color was used on bigger walls which laid alongside this beautiful wallpaper with a similar background but is brought to life by the silver leaf design. 

*Picture taken from my personal portfolio http://www.funkfactoryinteriors.com/portfolio/

Here is the code for the colors in the project above.

I hope you enjoyed "Funk's Colors" as much as i enjoyed creating this palette. What color do you feel like today? Painting is the cheapest decorating tool to bring any room to life..... Take a chance .... till then STAY FUNKY!





It takes time to build a characterful homeā€¦..

Temperatures have hit 40 degrees here in Dubai and it only seems to be escalating here on till Eid! Well, we do have the malls where it is freezing cold all year round! So all I am left to do is ramble around the malls waiting for something to catch my interest, and indeed they did......here are a few “Funk Finds”….

All alone and feeling a little rejected stood this Lil Iron Pot! What a gr8 find I thought, people would think I travelled the seven seas meandering crowded streets to find this Lil Iron Pot….. and HEY IT WAS ONLY 13 DIRHAMS! I love a bargain …. Easy on the eyes and Eeasyyy on my pocket!

Now this Lil Iron Pot definitely desired a companion and I found the perfect one. A GUZMANIA an indoor plant that bore a red flower, apparently the Guzmania unlike any of us here in Dubai (at least I can speak for the Indian’s) thrive on high temperatures & humidity. So this duo appealed to me in every sense… Damn even the red and green color combination on the color wheel states they are “COMPLIMENTARY”. What better companion for my Lil Iron pot than this Guzmania to hold its hand through the scorching summer heat!

Play a little dress up game, I used bows and ties from my collection of saved bows from gifts I received in the past. What a great hostess gift this would make!

This tea light candleholder put me in a very festive mood. I adore the aged look of this one. It sits atop my coffee table book’s, this is one case where I do not recommend the amalgamation of aesthetics & functionality, just because like I never read my coffee table books I would NEVER light this candle!

Ok now for the fun finds….

I gasped a “WoW I Want ” when I laid eyes on it…. My husband gave me a queer look, as he knows my usual reaction to slimy creatures and it didn’t involve a screech that could blow his eardrums or a leap into his arms. But to my defense this one didn’t jump and nor did it carry any slime! Yes, it's a bottle-opener!!!  


For the longest time I was looking for a cheap Popsicle maker as I had never made one and I wasn’t sure I would continue making them. So I was ecstatic when I found this. Here is one for all the newbie lolly makers of the world. And considering I am a health freak I couldn’t resist sharing a healthy recipe from my very talented school friend Ankita aka Kajal’s food blog http://bit.ly/Lh4YhO , you can substitute the nectarines for mangoes or frozen berries .....Enjoy! Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds!

Like they say "Rome wasn’t built in a day". It takes time to build a characterful home….. so take your time….. add pieces that interest you from your journey and travels through life as at different phases of your life different things may appeal to you……keep evolving…….….. so till then STAY FUNKY!


                                     "All Images courtesy my husband Keigan Soans"




"E-DECO"- How to measure a room

I have affectionately christened my Online Interior Design Service “E-DECO”

The biggest technological advancement of our times is THE WORLD WIDE WEB, it is changing the way we communicate, shop, learn and now design. It is literally transforming the way we live and interact in this world.

I have jumped on the e-wagon myself to provide you with this online interior design service. What I love about it is that this service is accessible to anyone around the world. Plus with so many e-shops available you do not have to limit yourself to the choices of furniture stores in your area. It is affordable & do-able! Learn more about E-deco, Pricing & Example

Here is a you-tube video guide on how to take measurements and how to use this layout to measure for flooring or paint  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Qem0aMVjM 




Anantara's "Qasr Al Sarab"

One evening while I was in a meeting with one of my clients discussing design styles for her new villa, she happened to mention a Desert Resort called Qasr Al Sarab. Instantly the image of Aladdin, the magical Arabian land with oil lamps, flying carpets and exotic belly dancers beckoned me.

I set out to do some research and found that constructing this desert resort was an Architectural feat in itself. It is situated far far away from civilization in the Liwa desert, one of the world’s largest uninterrupted sand deserts called the 'Empty Quarters'. When they commenced construction there were no roads, electricity or water supply. In fact only 2 months prior to my visit they had received permanent electric supply from the Abu Dhabi government. During construction they incorporated an on-site water treatment plant to recycle the water, that reduces their consumption by 45% and also installed intelligent lighting and energy control systems that reduces their electricity consumption by 40%.They work closely with the local Bedouin community and source dates, camel milk, camel meat, herbs and vegetables available from the farms around.

So I grabbed my sketchpad, daughter and husband in tow to experience this desert oasis and a taste of the Bedouin life. What awaited me was far beyond my expectations, the Architecture and Décor just blew my mind. It was Inspiration overload!!!!

Qasr Al Sarab picture 1

Nestled amidst the vast desert......

A wind modeling technique was used to select this location to minimize the harsh effects of wind and sandstorms.

Qasr Al Sarab picture 2

Sustainable methods of construction included, geo- textile sandbags filled with local sand to build 5.5 kilometers of retaining walls, this reduced the cost as well as the considerable carbon footprint if they were to use concrete.

Qasr Al Sarab picture 3

I love how the Arabic architectural details were incorporated into these walls. Subtle yet significant, imagine how incomplete it would look without this detail. Like they say 


Qasr Al Sarab picture 4

The materials fit seamlessly into the surroundings. Simple methods of construction using natural materials, which are available from local resources. 

Qasr Al Sarab picture 5

The landscape was designed carefully by selecting plants and trees that could tolerate shifting sands, winds and droughts. Despite the arid conditions, the Liwa desert supports a rich variety of plants and animals like the Arabian Oryx Gazelle.

Qasr Al Sarab picture 6

Beautiful Arabesque patterns above the door openings, inserted onto this triangular door frame adds a unique feature to this façade. Traditional moulding designs on the corners of the openings are constant feature throughout the resort.

Qasr Al Sarab picture 7

This water way runs all around the resort and brings its cool and reflective qualities to compliment the setting. Water is one of the most valuable commodities in the desert, hence a traditional falaj irrigation system has been used.

Qasr Al Sarab picture 8

Qasr Al Sarab picture 9

Entrance to the Resort....

Qasr Al Sarab picture 10

Lighting is crucial to bring any design to life, the lighting design here is breathtaking. The proportion of each lamp to the space is impactful, the combination of floor lights, wall lights and ceiling lights sets the mood brilliantly.


The Souk (market)....the warmth of the lights and the intricate wooden ceiling supported by the robust columns and rafters draws u in….


Qasr Al Sarab picture 13


The use of rich textiles in carpets, wall hangings and upholstery is apparent throughout the resort. I noticed a lot of red and orange colors in the soft furnishings it compliments the earthy tones of the terracotta floor and sand colored walls perfectly!

Qasr Al Sarab picture 13

Qasr Al Sarab picture 14

The Library....

Traditional handicrafts and accessories sourced from local communities provide a perfect setting to sip on Arabic coffee, grab a book and relax!

Qasr Al Sarab picture 15


I did not see any flying carpets while I was there, but after witnessing one of man’s engineering achievements, that day does not seem far away!


                                  "All images courtesy my husband Keigan Soans"


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