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"It was one of life's most wonderful coincidences when I heard about Pavitra through a relative of mine. I thought furnishing an entire new house would be chaotic and a headache to execute, but working with Pavitra made it not only easy as a breeze but exciting as well. Not many designers would take a client's personal taste into consideration when planning a space, luckily I ended up with someone who does. I've met many interior designers but Pavitra's name always comes first to mind when friends or family ask me for a recommendation."

- Maryam

Funk Factory had evolved! Please check out our new company "Pure Coalesce" located in Dubai Design District!



I have certainly missed writing these past few weeks and I hope you have missed me too! Honestly I have been swamped with work (which is a great thing so no complains), and did not want to fill my pages with un-inspiring content. So here I am back with another cool product and inspired to write about it.

Kano ceramic tile co. has collaborated with award winning Korean Designer Hyomi Kim and created Tile + Light. It is the integration of Led lights into ceramic tiles. They have 4 different modules to choose from to customize your designs. I think the tiles are best used for wayfinding and lighting stairs or stairwells.  Have a look at the examples below…


I hope you thought this product was cool too! Till next time... Stay Funky!



DESign Days Dubai, 2013- Feat. Assorted Artists

I would like to round up my tour of Design days Dubai, with some assorted interesting art and furniture pieces from varied designers. 

I was very proud to witness the works of local artists in Dubai, FN Gallery is the creative hub for artists and designers based here. 

Truly funky pieces, the metal chair with laser cut skull and calligraphy is my favourite. 

Moissonnier by Khalid Shafar

Khalid Shafar is a designer who creates pieces that tell a story. Here he has transformed the Moissonnier chest into a scuptural piece. It tells a story of two legendary horses that acheived victory during the Dubai world cup and left behind great memories, but tragically died for different reasons. This piece is known as the "Headless Horses" 

What i appreciate about the piece is how Moissonnier has taken the artists vision and created an imppecable work of art. It embodies the graceful but powerful nature of the horse.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts about Design Days in Dubai. I will be off looking for new material to write about and keep you and me inspired....till then "Stay Funky"





Design Days Dubai, 2013- Feat. HB INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS

This one is a truly cool find. Artist and photographer Heike Buelau uses her original industrial photographs to create the industrial themed wall paper. 

The wall paper has a distinctive and complex pattern adding dimension and depth to a bland wall. The applications could be in commercial as well as residential interiors. 


  ** All pictures via HB Industrial designs **


I found these patterns to have a very masculine quality, would look hot in a bachelor pad!... Till next time...... "Stay Funky" darlings...


Design Days Dubai, 2013- Feat. Analogia Project

Observing the Analogia Project installation at Design Days Dubai literally felt like I had walked into an artist’s sketchbook, a drawing had taken life and I could interact with it and move around it. This installation definitely grasped every passerby’s attention! The lines floated in space in perfect harmony and proportion, mimicked an artists sketch impeccably.


"Analogia project is a fictional interpretation of design that integrates a real space with unreal entities exploring the consequential relationship between them. The objects are sketched in the air by using black wool on a (digitally designed) transparent threads web, creating an imaginary world that question our granted familiarity with physical space.

The aim is to explore new visual semiotic languages through an interpretation of digital craftsmanship."



Design Days Dubai, 2013- Feat. Based Upon

I wonder how to begin writing this article today and if I will be able to do justice to the artists and his art! I have been tripping all morning on this video clip about the journey that the artist takes to create his masterpieces. The complexity of the art, attention to detail, materials, processes and textures is astounding and greatly motivating. I feel fortunate enough to have touched and felt these masterpieces.

The artworks are divided into four categories " Meaning, Form, Composed & Surface". Each one is explained below in their own words…..


based upon Meaning commissions are unique artworks that offer a new perspective on bespoke. The works begins with an element that is meaningful to the commissioner. They are works of essence, rich in significance, narrative and provenance.

Many of our Meaning pieces are Locationscapes, others include a more personal narrative, depicting a family or company history.

based upon Locationscapes begin with a location, that is precious to the commissioner or the project, and create a direct response to it. It’s in our nature to create in this way. We like to get into a landscape and to record it: its images, its sounds, its natural textures and the life it plays canvas to. These elements become building blocks back in the studio when they are reinterpreted as casts, etchings and textural marks. The idea is that each mark tells a story – each represents a moment in time, so that even a single scratch within a work is traceable to something significant. Each work is carefully documented so that its significance will be understood generations from now.

They are regarded as legacy pieces because they are intended to be handed down.”

 Wandering Knightsbridge


"At 5.5 metres x 3 metres, this work in varying tones of bronze was created by wandering the streets and pathways of Knightsbridge, London, documenting though photography, film and blue spot casting. The map is reconstructed in layers, as memory would have it, giving scale and prominence to the architectural elements and narrative histories which stuck in the mind. It is in our nature to create in this way. We like to get into a landscape and to record it: its images, its sounds, its natural textures and the life it plays canvas to. These elements become building blocks back in the studio when they are reinterpreted as casts, etchings and textural marks."



based upon Form’s pieces include hand-carved sculptural forms and contemporary furniture inspired by archetypal patterns and forms. 


based upon Composed specialises in creating large artworks, often integrated into complex interior spaces. They include works inspired by natural landscapes, urban skylines and maps. 


based upon Surface creates hand made finishes using liquid metals, resins and lacquers. It has been acclaimed worldwide and is winner of the 2009 FX Design Awards. Our process works with most metals, mixing them like paints to create a range of alloys and blends to produce bespoke surfaces to complement a scheme. Applied as a liquid, built up in layers and then worked by hand to reveal the layers beneath, we achieve an intricate and painterly aesthetic.


And lastly i want to leave you with the video that i was tripping on all of yesterday......

Based Upon from Based Upon on Vimeo.



Please do visit the "based upon" website and have a look at their range of work, this post only carries snippets of their work, I cannot possibly do justice so go and marvel.....till next time "Stay Funky"