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"It was one of life's most wonderful coincidences when I heard about Pavitra through a relative of mine. I thought furnishing an entire new house would be chaotic and a headache to execute, but working with Pavitra made it not only easy as a breeze but exciting as well. Not many designers would take a client's personal taste into consideration when planning a space, luckily I ended up with someone who does. I've met many interior designers but Pavitra's name always comes first to mind when friends or family ask me for a recommendation."

- Maryam


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I found BEND this year at the Boutique Design New York (BDNY,2018) show. The BDNY show showcases some of the best interior design products. They are always current and on trend! 

BEND is a company based in L.A. founded by sculptor/designer Gaurav Nanda. They design and manufacture Interior and Exterior products and furniture. They are handcrafted from recyclable iron.

The material used is industrial but the forms they have created coupled with a vibrant dose of color makes their designs very edgy! Including BEND furniture pieces will add a dose of playful energy to any interior space. I think a bit of BEND to any kind of space can amp up it’s design value immensely. They are well-crafted, uniquely shaped and coated pieces. I think it is a versatile product because their designs are strong enough to be used as inspiration and statement pieces alone as well as compliment and blend beautifully with other pieces and styles. 


 You can thank me later :p! Till next time... Stay Innovative.. Stay Funky!