"Hi, I am Pavitra. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and its related content pages as much as I enjoy providing you with the information in it. If you have any questions on decorating and other interior design topics, please drop me an email, I would love to hear from you."

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"It was one of life's most wonderful coincidences when I heard about Pavitra through a relative of mine. I thought furnishing an entire new house would be chaotic and a headache to execute, but working with Pavitra made it not only easy as a breeze but exciting as well. Not many designers would take a client's personal taste into consideration when planning a space, luckily I ended up with someone who does. I've met many interior designers but Pavitra's name always comes first to mind when friends or family ask me for a recommendation."

- Maryam

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“Beauty lies in the Imperfections”

Design trends are constantly evolving and so am I, Change is natural to me!

Being a Maverick the eclectic approach to design suits me, where I can have a collage of pieces from different periods come together in harmony. I have a penchant for un-cluttered spaces and whenever possible I try to breathe in life to a space by opening up unnecessary walls.

Every home tells a story of who you are and where you have been, your influences and your experiences. I believe in creating spaces that exude individuality, as that will differentiate one space from another. And like to give my clients a neat and stylish framework so they can infuse it with their own personality.

Every client’s vision of the space is a separate challenge. Bringing together aesthetics and functionality is my purpose. I have had the chance to work with clients of various age groups and have completed projects with styles varying from Modern, Baroque to Classical Arabic. But I would not like to limit myself to these styles and continue to explore different styles depending on each client’s requirement.

In conclusion I cannot define my style, just as I cannot the beginning or the end of my discoveries. All I can say is,

“Come, discover with me”