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"It was one of life's most wonderful coincidences when I heard about Pavitra through a relative of mine. I thought furnishing an entire new house would be chaotic and a headache to execute, but working with Pavitra made it not only easy as a breeze but exciting as well. Not many designers would take a client's personal taste into consideration when planning a space, luckily I ended up with someone who does. I've met many interior designers but Pavitra's name always comes first to mind when friends or family ask me for a recommendation."

- Maryam


Design with a Purpose

I would like to introduce you to the works of designer Pepe Heykoop today. The fact that he has a purpose to his design and passion draws me to his work. Pepe not only believes in sustainable design but also in sustainable communities. In pursuit of this noble cause Pepe and his cousin Laurien Meuter set up the Tiny Miracles foundation in the red light district of Mumbai, India. The objective of this foundation was to enable this community of over 700 people to be self -supporting by way of education for parents and their children, by teaching the Pardeshi community valuable skills and by creating jobs. Pepe set up his workshop in this particular red light district and creates jobs for the community. Till date they have created 100+ jobs! Their products are showcased all around the world in trade fairs such as ICFF New York, IMM Cologne, Maison&Objet to name a few and sold globally in upmarket stores.



Pepe’s products are as remarkable as his intentions behind his cause “Tiny Miracles”. Please join me to spread the word! Till next time…” Stay purposeful… Stay Funky”

You can find more information on pepeheykoop.nl & tinymiracles.nl


Designed Spaces...BDNY nyc,2014

Visiting the Boutique Design New York show for the second year in a row has been an incredible learning experience. Engaging with people from different continents and learning about their perspective on interior design, their work ethic etc. is always refreshing.

Besides having a much larger floor space this year, BDNY also boasted of some marvellously designed spaces. Scattered around the BDNY hall were dedicated spaces which were designed by various Interior design companies. Each space reflected a particular theme. These spaces not only provided a platform to showcase the designers flair but also was a place for the trade visitors to congregate. 

Designers Sketch 

 In actuality


Display 201

Design Group Carl Ross invites you to Cityscape lounge, an urban oasis high above the hustle and bustle of the trade fair floor. In the spirit of Boutique Design’s semiannual event, Cityscape is designed in signature bi-coastal style: Slip into the bar and channel the magnetizing energy of midnight in New York City as the skyline soars above you or decamp to the garden with a kicked-back, sunny San Diego vibe, and recharge your batteries (along with your phone’s) under the branches of a giant tree. Wherever you land, seize this chance to relax, revitalize and refuel.


Fairmont Designs, Interface Hospitality, P/Kaufmann Contract

Product Sponsors:

Astek Wallcovering, Gold Leaf Design Group, Neoteric Luxury, Royal Contract Lighting

Product Contributors:

el media group



In Actuality...


Display 355

Travel used to be a romantic venture for the privileged few. As time has passed, travel has become a more basic necessity. The faster and more direct, the better, as we seek more time to be productive with work. The Sojourn Lounge, by Design Poole, is a tribute to the warriors of travel, providing luxury lounging space and casual conversation areas with high-quality finishes and materials and unique seating choices—perfect for connecting with friends, colleagues and clients at BDNY.


Architex, Ariston, B Carpet, Hubbardton Forge, Wonderly’s

Product Contributors:

el media group, US Vinyl



Designers Sketch 

In Actuality...



Display 337


Enter a cocoon of luxury in this geode-like design created for our honored BDwest guests and designed by Wilson Associates as a sanctuary of hospitality. The concept of “shooting star” mirrors the meteoric rise of Wilson Associates in the hospitality design universe over the decades since its creation by Trisha Wilson. This meteor is multi-faceted, with a distinct character on the outside, and an unexpected surprise on the inside.



HG Arts, Justin David Textiles, Maya Romanoff, Swarovski Lighting, Vaughan Benz, Zenith Rugs



               ** Description of the spaces courtesy bdny.com**


Stay Inspired… Stay Funky!


Transforming dreams to reality!

My company Pure Coalesce was recently commissioned to carry out yet another transformation this one with a swanky edge. A beautiful two-bedroom apartment with views of the ocean was in need for a touch of glamour.  Meeting a new client and taking on the mammoth task of transforming his vision to reality is a constant challenge as a designer. During my early years as a designer, the rhetorical question remained “What is your style as a designer?” and I was always stumped for an answer. I thought at the time I need to discover myself more and maybe the answer will come to me over the years. But it never did, I realized that I accepted and appreciated all kinds of styles be it classical or contemporary. There is uniqueness in everything and everybody in this world and that is how I treat my clients and my projects. So not having myself gravitate to one particular style has helped me maintain my equilibrium. I love to be challenged and I see each project as a new mould to fit into but as I mould myself I also learn to carve my own niche into each project.


The challenge in this particular project was a two-week deadline, which we met!!! And to create a clear distinction between the formal living room and informal lounge, that was only partially partitioned. We did that by way of color and use of furniture styles and accessories and yet tied both together by using a common patterned wallpaper. I hope you enjoy viewing the transformation and the choice of furniture which I particularly enjoyed picking.










My greatest joy is when I have happy clients at the end of the project who has entrusted me with churning their dream into their reality….. until next time… “Stay true….Stay Funky” 



Our latest project "Master Key Properties @ Business Bay,Dubai"

We recently completed the fit-out of a 2000 sq.ft. real estate office located in Business Bay, the central business district of Dubai. The client envisioned a contemporary space that exudes sophistication, they wanted a clear distinction between the ambience of lounge and the rest of the office area. They required the lounge to have a homely and welcoming atmosphere. This is where our challenge laid of how to blend perfectly two types of environments whilst keeping an overall corporate feel.


I must admit every time i enter a space which needs transformation my mind is a blank slate. It is a scary feeling because while i proclaim to be the better designer in reality i have no clue of how i am going to pull this off! My loved ones always tells me i am often self-deprecating but in my defence it keeps me on my toes. The realisation that there is so much to learn keeps me going. Staring at a blank canvas is terrifying & exhilarating all at once. As i delve head first to soak in my pool of inspiration, my mind drifts into the imaginary world and magically the ideas come flooding in through the crevices of my brain. The endorphins start to flow and i feel inflated floating away in my happy space. The reason i describe this is because it is what keeps me coming back to the drawing board, the endorphins that flood my system the feel good factor that accompanies it. I feel blessed to have a job that has this effect on me.


Coming back to the project, we first focussed on making the layout as functional and practical as possible then we elaborated on how to introduce the design elements subtly yet with maximum impact. We played with colours of the logo which were orange and grey. Orange was used in accessories and partitions as an accent colour. Keeping the nature of the business in mind we used a customised map of Dubai as the wallpaper in the lounge and meeting room which were also in the colours of the logo. It is a feature that is not only decorative but interactive for a real estate office such as this. We balanced task lighting with accent lighting to highlight design elements and provide proper illumination in work areas. For the lounge we used a timeless leather chesterfield sofa, the tan of the leather complimented the orange accents beautifully. We used rugs and accessories such as the Rory dobner  art piece which infused the space with warmth of a home yet did not stick out like a sore thumb in the corporate environment.


Even though the design is simple and the colours used are subtle, we have received much appreciation from our clients and their customers who visited the space. That in itself is the greatest joy and satisfaction of delivering a project. When your hearts in your work you will rarely disappoint or be dissapointed… so until next time “Stay True and Stay Funky”….. 


The Armani Ristorante

While I was in New York for the BDNY show in November 2013 a dear friend invited me for lunch at the Armani Ristorante, which is located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of the city.

I entered a not so posh looking elevator (which honestly I think needs an uplift). As I arrived at the top floor of the Armani building I looked over to the right and found myself intimidated by the vibe of the space, Up market, stylish and extremely classy! I must confess I felt a little less posh like the elevator that carried me there, but I tried to stay true to my calm demeanor and waited for the friendly face to come rescue me.  Of course two lattes later I was much more comfortable in my surroundings.

The concept is very clean, the colors are simple, black floors and white walls and the same scheme follows on the furniture too. But I believe there is a reason why the rest of the interior is subdued; it is because it houses one of the most spectacular staircases I have ever seen. Right in the center of the building connecting all the floors stands this breathtaking sculpture! Yes that is what it is, it’s not a staircase but a striking sculpture that seems hand crafted to perfection. The beauty is in its fluidity and abstract form, from different angles it is a different shape. It is cleverly colored white which again stands out from the black floors. It almost reminds me of a sea creature emerging from the black waters, or like the world tree from “Jack and the Beanstalk” that connects the earth to the heavens above. Ok wow, I thought this post was going to be boring, but for those who do not get me please ignore the last statement. In my defense as designers it is helpful to have an imagination when conceptualizing.

The other design element that is striking is the LED curtain that lights up the glass façade. According to me it is a remarkably clever feature because it separates the Armani building from the sea of buildings on Fifth Avenue. It can be spotted from a distance, and that is crucial for any brand to be able to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

What always amazes me is how certain spaces, even though simple, are able to create an ambience that might either intimidate you or make u feel comfortable , hence I say spaces should evoke emotion!

Until next time…. “Stay true… Stay Funky”